Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks Month, day 24 aka Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've had to stay home while my wife and son go up to her parents' place for the holiday, because my cat is sick, we don't know exactly with what, and he needs an eye kept on him. I miss my family but I will be okay, gonna have dinner with friends here in LA. Which brings me to today's thanks...

21. I'm thankful for all the fine people in Honda's automotive and motorcycle divisions, who make some of the best-engineered, longest-lasting safest and most reliable vehicles on earth. Our Honda car keeps my wife and son safe and confortable on the long trip to Grandma's, and my bike gets me everywhere fast and has saved my life many times with its massive brakes, brutal acceleration and rock-like stability under radical maneuvering. Plus both of these vehicles cost so little to operate that we have more resources to put into other things. Thanks Honda!

22. I'm thankful that I've got good friends who'll take in an orphan on Thanksgiving and feed him baked ziti!

23. Though I miss my family, I'm thankful I was able to sleep in until 10am! Ahh... bliss.

24. I'm thankful for a new Zugale - my brother Matt's wife gave birth to their new baby boy last night! Mom and baby are healthy and doing well. Hooray for family!


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