Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks Month, day 20

18. I'm thankful for the last 500 years of steady advance in communications and the spread of information to larger and larger percentages of humanity. From printing to broadcast media to the Internet, the number of people who have access to can learn and know things has gone from a tiny priveleged few to something like 75% of everyone. That has changed everything and hopefully has permanently changed the world's balance of power.

19. I'm thankful for cheeseburgers. I really love cheeseburgers.

20. Today is my 46th birthday, so I'm thankful I've made it once more around the Sun. Since I've already been thankful here for my family and a lot of other stuff that I remind myself is awesome about life on my birthdays, how about I'll be thankful for modern medicine, sanitation and nutrition, without which - say, 200 years ago - I'd probably already be dead or nearly so. Thanks for a long lifespan, all you innovators in medicine, pharmaceuticals, waste management and food production!


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