Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life is always an Adventure

You are in the Bedroom. It's about 10' square. There is a large bed, a chair, and a closet. There is a door to the south.

There is a baby here.

>Look baby

The baby is probably quite cute, but at the moment he is crying loudly and unhappily.

>Get baby

You are now carrying the crying baby.


You are in the Hallway. There are doors to the north and south, while the passage goes on east and west.


You are at the Changing Station. The passage continues east and west.


The Changing Station has a table-like area at waist height, with shelves below containing diapers, baby wipes, powder, blankets and other baby accessories. There is also a trash can.

>Drop baby

You really don't want to do that.

>Put baby on table

The crying baby is now on the Changing Station's table.

>Remove diaper from baby

You remove the diaper. The diaper is a rather messy one. You notice the baby is a boy. The baby is still crying.

>Put old diaper in trash can

You toss the messy old diaper into the trash can. The baby is still crying.

>Get diaper

You pick the messy old diaper out of the trash can. Ewwww.

The baby is still crying. The baby now pees all over the place in a picturesque fountain.

>Drop diaper

SPLAT!! Ewwwwww.

>Get baby wipe

You now have a baby wipe.

>Wipe baby

Good job, you've cleaned up the mess! +10

>Get new diaper

You have a new diaper from the shelf.

>Put diaper on baby

You have successfully changed the baby's diaper! He stops crying. +10



HAHAHAHAHAHAAA, RIGHT! You can't escape this game. You'll be playing it again in about two hours! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

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