Thursday, November 08, 2007

Life really isn't this uneventful.

Y'know, so uneventful that I don't have anything to write.

The Girlfriend is away on vacation for a couple weeks. This is a good thing. She needs to get away from LA for a while and relax her brain, while I need a bit more headspace in which to do some thinking and getting things done. Which I'm doing.

Number one priority for me is to improve my art portfolio, so I'm going to take as much time as I can to get some pieces done in the next two weeks. It still won't be as much time as I want or need since I've got other things going on, but it will help. I hope to get some nice stuff done.

I have a CAPS meeting tonight, our annual CAPS Banquet on Sunday night, and next weekend I'm going to Texas for Wizard World, which takes up Friday thru Sunday - flying out after work on Thursday. I also have Wumpskate next Monday and a comic to do for next Wednesday, so in practical terms I have tomorrow night, all day and night Saturday, most of Sunday, and next Tuesday to myself. Out of two weeks that actually seems kind of a pitifully small amount of time to me, but I'll have to make do.

I have to ship a bunch of stuff to Texas for the con; I guess I'll have to do it Monday because I won't be able to get it all together tonight. Maybe I can get it out Saturday, if UPS will accept packages then. I guess I can think about taking a checked bag, too. I can probably just ship comic books and take everything else with me on the plane.

Just clearing out my brain a bit here, you see.

In bad news, one of my neighbors managed to run into our automatic garage door and rip it clear off the wall. This wouldn't be a problem except it fell on the Camaro. The Camaro now needs something between $4,000 and $8,000 worth of bodywork and paint - maybe more, because I want the car to look exactly like it did previous to the accident, and if we can't get the paint matched and blended, the whole car will need to be repainted. This isn't some crappy white Camry, it's a 40-year-old collector car that, up til now, had a beautiful, pristine and nearly flawless paint job. It needs to be worked on by serious, classic-car-loving experts, not just any old body shop - and of course, such experts are not cheap. I hope my neighbor's insurance is up to it, because I'm not settling for anything less than "indistinguishable from previous appearance."

As you can imagine, I'm pretty annoyed about that one.

Other than that, well, work is frustrating and draining these days, for lots of reasons that I can't go into here, but everything else is going okay, and of course I'm still cranking out the comic every week. I can't say that right now I'm generally "happy," but I'm hanging in there. I hope people are able to excuse my intermittent bouts of grumpiness.


Blogger MLE said...

The, say it ain't so...hell, J, you've earned a full-on bout of b!tchy grumpiness IHMO! ACK!

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