Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's a whole new world, sorta

Ah, the new site design is up and it looks like it's working well. Uh, well you can't see it here on this blog, it's over at my main site. I will be updating the blog pages to match, eventually, but that's not a huge priority at the moment. I need to redo the art portfolio site first!

That site work has taken a large part of the last 2 months... I bought some fancy store software, set up a forum, and gutted and reworked the whole site. I had to learn CSS and PHP on the fly while I did it, which was actually fun once I understood them. They make websites easy - once you lay the groundwork, which is time-consuming. Well, enough about that, you can go poke around the site at your leisure.

This weekend TGF and I are heading up north for her brother's wedding. That should be lots of fun, he's a class-A rocker dude and his fiancee is awesome. I'm sure TGF and I will get some nudging from The Parents about when it's going to be our turn... that's how these things work. We'll just smile and say "we'll see..." hehehehe. But it should be a nice weekend, I really like going up to visit her family, they are really wonderful people.

I got Van Halen tickets! For a show on my birthday! It's kind of weird to say that I bought VH tix, because the last time I did that was in January 1984, for a show in April at Madison Square Garden. I never saw VH with Sammy, because I just... well I couldn't stand most of their songs. A couple good ones, but they just didn't do it for me. I always thought, and still do, that Sammy is a great singer with a great voice, but I don't like his lyrics much, and I thought VH went soft with him in the band. Listen to OU812 and then listen to Fair Warning, you'll see. Anyway, I'm actually feeling positive about this new/old lineup; Dave seems to have finally reigned in the ringmaster act, at least enough to be humble and cool and merely calmly confident about the band and how they've been rehearsing and training for the tour. I hope it's not a front, and that they're really having a good time and getting along, and that the show will be really great.

That's it for now, I guess... back to work...


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