Monday, March 12, 2007

Ups, mostly, but a bit of down...

Been a while, huh? Sorry I've been non-bloggy. I got out of the habit of blogging when our work internet access was so cruelly throttled to only a trickle. However, we've got the big fat pipes to the series of tubes working now, so I can get back to updating.

Everything is going pretty well for me, job is doing okay and appears to be secure for at least another year or two (although you never know, of course). I've done a bit of financial rearranging, some debt paid off and new savings plan, transferred my old 401(k) to the new one, moving some other accounts to new places for better care and returns. The bike is running great, the cats are healthy and happy with their new scratching post (my furniture sighs with relief), things are pretty much just ticking along smoothly.

Today, however, is a bit of a milestone for me personally. Though I'm not gonna get all gushy about it in a public blog (much to TGF's chagrin, most likely), heh, as of today this thing with TGF has been my longest steady relationship I've ever had. Today is our year-and-a-half-iversary.

I know, right? Only a year and a half? That's as long as you've ever stayed with someone, or they've stayed with you? Seems pretty short considering I'm 41, doesn't it. Well... I guess I wasn't really ready for a real long-term thing before now. Plus I'm not really all that great at things like "romance" and "feelings" like other people. I'm usually all wrapped up in my own thing, it's kind of what artists do, plus my odd upbringing kinda makes me that way. But I'm getting better, I hope.

I'm happy that we're still together. I hope she's happy too, and still wants to stay. I'm not going anywhere. ;)

Only down news is that a guy whose talent I hold in high regard, Brad Delp who sang for Boston, died last Friday at the too-young age of 55. All you who know me well know how Boston and Brad's singing specifically is a big part of my musical soul, so this bums me out. More about it in the music blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm in ur commentz, givin u luvz.



5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and TGF! Glad you found someone who makes you happy.

Such a bummer about Brad Delp. So much talent and so many demons.

3:42 AM  

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