Monday, October 16, 2006

Official Sopranos Game Site

HBO now has an official site for our game The Sopranos: Road to Respect. There's a bunch of info about the game and a few bits of behind-the-scenes stuff to check out. You can even pre-order the game right now, which I know all you gamers out there who own PS2s will do, right?? RIGHT?? Don't make me go Jersey on your asses. You all have some nice things out there. It would be a terrible shame if something were to happen to it, wouldn't it? Cuz, y'know, stuff happens, capice?

All you Jersey-ites will recognize a lot of different stuff in the game and catch some little inside jokes here and there. There are several locations that aren't part of the TV show, which we built from scratch using photos and pulling stuff out of our brains from growing up there, since three of us artists including my boss are from NJ. I think you're gonna like it.

There's a link to the "Making of..." video which aired last Friday on HBO - I got it on my DVR, yay - so you can watch that online. The actors and David Chase, the creator of the show, seem like they're pretty psyched about the game and pleased with how it's come out. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I think it really is a Sopranos "episode," it has the feel and it works. While a bunch of my co-workers are interviewed, I'm not in the video (which is good cuz I'm damn ugly on film), but a whole bunch of my work shows up, several concept sketches and a lot of scenes that I did the camera work for. Also, as a fun little bonus, there's a very quick shot of a guitar used as a weapon - yep, it's my Les Paul. :) The sound effect when you bash someone with it is my old blue hot-rod strat, which I have here in my cube for when I take breaks from drawing.

So, we're live and nationwide, so that's good. The game comes out November 7, according to the site, so first you go vote, then head to the game store and pick this one up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*waves* Um..hello jeff ^.^ I didn't know where the best place would be to leave this comment but your good friend Sonny said that I should let you know that I've added your comic "Just A Bit Off" to my favorites list. I'm one of the many fans Sonny has on his myspace so I had the luck of discovering your site through his blog post. I loved your webcomic from the latest and am going through them all from the beginning! I'm so glad that he did and I'm definitely going to be telling others about your site! Take Care

10:14 PM  
Blogger Jeff Z said...

Hi chibi! Thanks very much for coming to the site, I'm glad you like my comic. Also thank you for telling other people about my site... I guess I'd better spruce it up a bit if I'm going to get more visitors!! O_o gah!!

9:41 AM  

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