Sunday, September 10, 2006

The World Returns to Balance





Yep. It's football season. Which means I'm happy. And since the Steelers won the season opener last Thursday night, I'm even happier.

So, I'm probably going to be annoying you with football stuff until February. Be forewarned.

Other news: The Supernova problem is coming to its resolution. The insurance company is totaling it and paying me off; an auction house is coming to pick it up Monday morning, and that will be that. I've already made the deal and mailed off the title. I should get the check in about two weeks. It's actually more than I thought I'd get, so it's good. I will miss the car, but I'll be okay without it. Ah well.

Meanwhile, I have other car trouble. The starter on the Camaro, which I knew would be the next thing to go, has burned out and gone. Fortunately I was only a couple blocks from home and got some guys to help me push-start it - one of the wonderful things about manual transmissions - and I got it safely home to the garage. I've ordered a new race-type starter for high-powered engines, so that should solve that problem. I'll install it next Saturday.

TGF is buying me a new motorcycle jacket for an early birthday present, as my old one's lining is rapidly disintegrating because it's 12 years old now. The new one is really, really nice (in black). Full armor, fully adjustable and vented with a removable insulated liner. I oughtta get another 12 years out of it. Thanks hunny! :)

OK, enough typing. FOOOTBAAAAALLLLLL!!!! *URF*!!


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