Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fwoosh. Too much going on.

OK so, haven't posted in forever. We've been doing 12-hour days all month in the final phases of the Sopranos game, which requires a great deal of energy. There have also been preparations for Comic Con and TGF's birthday party, which also required a great deal of energy. I've been trying to conserve some energy by not doing other things, like blogging or really anything other than work, Con prep, the party, and sleeping.

So far it's worked fairly well; I think I'm only at an exhaustion level of 4 (out of 10) so I've got plenty of headroom to take on the San Diego Con, which will push it up into the 8.5-9 range by Saturday if not sooner. I'm gonna have to take it a lot easier than usual this year, since next Monday I come right back to work and another mad week of 12-hour days which may require working a bit next weekend, depending on whether everyone upstream of me hits their lockdown deadlines.

Beta is a bitch. But compared to other game companies our crunch time has been minimal. Some of those sweatshops demand 3 months of 14-hour days 6 or 7 days a week, which is just insane. Nobody stays productive under those circumstances, and morale simply evaporates which makes people not care and do crappy work.

That's really been the whole of my life for more than 2 weeks now. TGF's party went well even though it was brutally hot and thus smaller than we'd hoped - we don't have AC in our building, and many people opted to stay home in their AC. Ah well.

I'm still a bit grumbly about my recent artwork and about the fact that I've done just about zero recording for my album, but I haven't had time to worry about it and I still don't right now. Back to work for me...

I'll be completely off the Internet until Monday, but I'll have my cell phone with me. Have a great weekend!


Blogger Gunner said...

I just red your old comment on the "being poor" thread of long ago. I understand well what you said.

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