Friday, June 02, 2006

You know it's summer in LA when...

... the garbage trucks are out on Friday morning, and though there isn't one within eyeshot, you can smell the trail of garbage funk it has left behind it for minutes after it passes.

One of the downsides of riding a motorcycle - no filter between me and the air.

Apart from a stinky start to my commute today, things are going along well. I'll only gloss over things because I'm really busy at work - we are in crunch time for a mid-June deadline and everyone's working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. We did have both Monday and Tuesday off for Memorial Day, so we got a nice 4-day weekend, but before that and now we are all busting our butts here on the Sopranos game.

For the long weekend TGF and I went to visit her parents for a day and then to a wedding of one of her old friends. There was kayaking and good food and a spectacular wedding location and more good food and 2 nights in a hotel... and of course a lot of driving. That's okay tho, I like to drive.

I've got lots of things on my mind and lots of stuff going on but it's too much to blog in detail. There is exercise happening and apartment work going on, plans for the summer and all sorts of other stuff. But things are good and look to stay that way. So off I go, back to this stuff I gotta finish.


Blogger Unknown said...

oh great, i cant wait. Man i need to fix my AC in my car soon.

8:41 PM  

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