Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reason #437 to Love Teh Intar-Wubs:

E-filed my taxes last night, did them using TurboTax. Yes there are some fees, but tell me the worth of "peace of mind because my taxes are done, sent in, and paid automatically." eh?

Since previous to this year I've been paying a professional accountant (who was also handling some of my home business stuff) to do my taxes - to the tune of around $400 per year - throwing down $80 for TurboTax (I need the "premier" version because of the home business, you can probably use the regular version which is $50) and another $50 in e-filing fees is well, well worth it.

I would have sent it all in a couple months ago when I first ran them thru TurboTax, but it turns out I owed a bit to both the Fed and California, so of course I left the money in the bank until the last minute. Why pay them early when I'm earning interest?? Did you know that getting a tax refund - something pretty much everyone seems to celebrate - isn't really a smart thing financially? When you do that, you're giving the government a loan at no interest. It's better to adjust your withholding so that you pay in a bit less or have to pay in a small amount every year. That way, you actually keep your own money, and you can put it in the bank to earn interest instead of letting the Feds play with it all year.

Anyway so taxes are done and I don't have to worry. TurboTax is teh awesumz0r! I've probably blathered that I use Quicken to handle my finances, so that makes it even easier, since TT just grabs the info from Quicken. No figuring, no calculator, no pencil. TT just walks you through and asks you questions. Took me about an hour to do it all, I guess. Sometimes computers really do make life a lot easier.

Meanwhile, been a busy week. The Girlfriend is settling into her new apartment, slowly but surely. It's been pretty unsettling for her to make this move, but the more her place looks like a home the happier she is. Just a few more boxes to unpack and all will be as it should be.

This weekend we are driving up north to her parents's place again. I got tomorrow (Friday) off from work and we're starting the trip very early tomorrow morning. We want to get out of the LA area before rush hour starts, and unfortunately it's supposed to rain the whole way up, so leaving extra time is a good idea.

My boss says I will indeed be getting credit for my work on the Pirates game - I should hope so, I did more than 50 pieces for it! Many of them will be showing up in the unlockable bonus material, though I don't know if any of us will be credited on each individual piece. Whatever, I'm just really happy about that, it's freaky to think that hey, you can play this game and see some of my art! Nice to put on the resume, oh yes.

Guess that's about it. I have some storyboards to do today, and then I start painting another character for The Other Game. Off we go...


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