Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help Catch a Vicious Assault Perp

Do you know, or have you seen this man? His name is William Hamlet Hunt, and goes by Will.

This guy is wanted by the police for an assault on a young woman, who is a friend of friends of mine, in New Orleans, Lousiana.

Info from her myspace blog (you can see what the guy did to her, not pretty):
"I filed a police report and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest. He led the cops on a 3 hour wild goose chase Saturday morning and is rumored to have fled the LA border back to Alabama (he's from Mountain Brook, near Birmingham) - which if that's the case, it then becomes a federal offense and the FBI get involved. If you have ANY information on his whereabouts, call the NOLA PD immediately at (504) 658-6080... thanks in advance!"
Let's find this bastard, huh? Please spread the word!!!

Can you imagine that, assaulting someone at a large public gathering where lots of people know you, and you have pics of yourself and information up on MySpace? What a complete dumbass. If you know anyone in that area, and I'm pretty sure some of you do, please tell them about this ASAP.

Thanks everyone! We regular folks can actually help catch jerks like this, if we cooperate.


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