Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Whirlwind continues

OK, yeah so no posts lately. Last week was super-duper busy at work, I wound up staying late 3 days in a row to meet deadlines for these new pitches we're doing. it definitely could have gone better in terms of time management and stress! I didn't even get the comic done last week.

It's over now and things are more calm. We are still working on the pitches but thankfully the presentation that was supposed to be this week has been pushed back, so Kevin (my concept colleague) and I can spread the work out over a few more days and relax a bit.

Otherwise things are pretty much the same as they've been. The Girlfriend and I spend a bit of time together doing fun things, like this weekend we went to the Hammer Museum to see the Masters of American Comics art show, which was pretty excellent, though I was disappointed to find that many of the artists I wanted to see were exhibited at the MOCA downtown. Still, seeing George Herriman and Milt Caniff and Charles Schultz originals up close was pretty impressive. I may try to get downtown on Saturday to see the rest of the exhibit, though I have a number of plans for Saturday what with the art show (see Art Blog post), wanting to do some recording, and needing to hit the Art Store and clean and do laundry and... well you know, all the things that fill up a Saturday. Perhaps I can push a few to Sunday. This weekend will be mostly a "Me Weekend," as TGF and I call such things, where she and I stay apart and have our own personal time with little or no contact, though we'll get together for the Valley art show and maybe hit the MOCA together.

I passed 25,000 miles on the motorcycle last weekend, so I've been around the Earth once on it! Of course almost all those miles have been tacked on within 20 miles of my apartment, but still, 25K is a lot of miles. And on the bike, a lot of good, fun miles! :) The bike is handling it all very well, it still runs perfectly and starts instantly no matter what the weather conditions. It has been utterly reliable with absolutely zero major maintenance problems. The only thing that is a consistent problem is that one of the taillights keeps popping out of its socket - but there are two so there is still a working tail and brake light, so it's not a safety issue. I don't think I could have asked for a better motorcycle, really. Well, maybe a better seat, but I can get a different one.

I guess I don't have much else at the moment... there is a major development coming up as I hinted, but I think I'll keep quiet about it until it actually happens. No need to jinx anything.

So, back to work. No shortage of stuff to do here...


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