Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Let's take a break...

... from blasting out awesome concepts, to blast out some words instead.

Here's a really cool thing: Remember the arcade game Asteroids? Well this is Asteroids For Real. Yes, those little colored dots zipping by the blue circle are actual asteroids zipping past the actual earth a few years ago.

We have a lot of company out there. Note that we currently have no little space blaster ship to chop those flying rocks up so they can't hurt us. Note that this here (I visited it in my comic, too) is a very small version of what flying rocks can do. Big ones do this. REALLY big ones do this.

Probably a bit more important to keep track of these rocks than, say, attacking other people because they're different, hmm? Good thing there's a small number of smart, dedicated people actually doing something about it.

Meanwhile, things continue down here on the surface. Still busy at work with pitch stuff and various interface elements of The Game. It's raining here in SoCal today so I drove my car to work, which is always... slow. I probably could have ridden my bike, it wasn't raining that hard, actually less hard than it did last night on my commute home. I brought my rainsuit yesterday so this time I didn't get wet at all, unlike last week.

I have been trying and trying to get some time in playing video games, but these past couple weeks it's just been impossible. The major thing that's going on that I'll tell you about when it's done is still going on, and will run into this weekend, so I don't know when I'll get any stick time... I'm actually starting to jones for it. Maybe I'll commandeer a PS2 here at work at lunchtime and play something... anything!! I'm still like 2 years behind on games, sigh.

I did get a new toy, one of those RAZR phones from Verizon, with a Bluetooth wireless headset. It's all pretty cool. The phone is small and thin and light, and the wireless headset is pretty excellent. The phone works by voice command, so I can hit the button on the headset and say "Call Mom" and by golly that's what the phone does - and I don't even have to take the phone out of my pocket or backpack. Bluetooth is good within 30 feet distance, so now I can talk on my phone at home without holding the phone to my head or being stuck to a wire. I can leave the phone on the charger in the living room and be anywhere in the apartment with the headset. Those crafty engineers, they keep coming up with really awesome toys...

And of course, yes, it flips like a Star Trek communicator. Bless ye, Scotty, for bringing us the future right now... :)

Well, that's what's new and exciting, at least that's what I can talk about at the moment. There should be an Artblog update later today.


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