Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yeah yeah, I know...

Y'know, it's hard for me to blog from home, because when I get home I don't usually want to sit at the computer and write. Also, I usually have a bunch of domestic-type stuff to get done, and sometimes social things I want to do. This week so far in two evenings I've done some work on a flyer for a friend and then gone to karaoke with TGF til midnight, then done more work on the flyer, did some cleaning up, visited Marty and Rock, gone to the grocery store on the way back and finally found and digitized one of my old song demos (details and mp3s in Musicblog). That's a couple of busy evenings, and I didn't even count dinner time!

Tonight I have to do my bill-paying and the laundry that I blew off yesterday to go to Marty's, and maybe get a vocal track down for the song I'm working on. I think I'd better try to do that first, before doing the other stuff, because I don't want to disturb my downstairs neighbor John, as I did last Friday when I was recording bass with the sound through the speakers. Didn't know he was home at 11 on Friday night! He thumped the floor, so I yelled "sorry" and switched to the headphones. However, unlike recording guitars which I can do with no amplified sound, recording vocals involves me singing out loud. And I sing pretty loud. So I should do it early. I usually get home about 8pm, maybe I can get out of here a little early today and get dinner done by 8 and then sing 'til 9. That way laundry will be done by 10:30 or so and I can do the bills while the washin's on.

Anyway, I was trying to illustrate why sometimes even though I'd like to get more than one post a week up, it's difficult unless I do it from work... and of course I'm usually pretty busy at work!

Sunday: Super Bowl. Steelers. Steelers. STEELERS!!! Yes, that's right dammit. AFC all the way. America's colors for 2006 should be black and gold, not uh, darkish gray and... teal. Gah, teal. Puh-LEASE. They deserve this Super Bowl, Jerome Bettis deserves a ring to top off his sensational career, all of which I've had the pleasure of watching. Cowher deserves it even more with 14 winning years at the helm. GO STEELERS!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled solipsistic reality.


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