Monday, February 27, 2006

Gotta Type Fast

Holy mackerel I've been a busy boy, and thus not blogging much. I have a moment or two to actually breathe some air, but I'm going to sacrifice the time in order to do an update here. I'm turning blue for you, people! Show the love!

OK let's see. I'm not gonna talk about real estate today, so I'll move on to work. Work has gotten crazy busy for me because although The Game I Still Can't Name Yet is winding down for me a bit, that only means that our excellent and industrious Business Development Department is shifting into high gear, dare I say with Turbo Thrust added, to procure new work for the company. This is after all exceedingly important if we all want to stay employed, yes? So I and my concept colleague Kevin are now cranking out dozens and dozens of pieces to be used in pitches for no less than four new games, with more on the way. The Game I Can't Tell You About is aiming for release October-ish, and the Pirates game is being released in May or so before the movie comes out, so we need to get another game in-house shortly. This shouldn't be a problem though, as we have plenty of great ideas and the industry knows we're solid.

Of course with two major games coming out this year, we're not going to be short of cash, oh no. We should be just fine thanks. It's good to have a diversified company that can do many things well. If you don't, you wind up like Oddworld; they had a fabulous property and made some great games, but they only had the one property, Oddworld, and they only did one game at a time. The problem with only having one game and only doing one game at a time is that if you release your game and it does poorly, you're screwed, and that's exactly what happened to Oddworld: The Stranger. For some reason it didn't do well - I only played a demo and I thought it was cool, but I didn't buy the game, and I guess most others didn't either - and with that failure, Oddworld Inhabitants closed its doors. Previous success is no guarantee of future success, but you can hedge your bets by having your irons in several fires. I'm happy that this company is being really smart about things. I like being at an up-and-coming company that has some business sense.

So that's what's kept me off the blogging for a while, just working a lot more than usual.

Otherwise life is going along fine. Some updates on things previously discussed: Finally got the Camaro registration back, so I was able to take it out. Started right up after I tweaked the throttle a few times. Gotta love that old-school Chevy reliability! On the down side, I got the bill for the red meter light ticket: $351.00, YIKES. Apparently the violation was also in a designated "work zone," though no road work sign was up at the time - but it's there now, so I get ripped off for double the fine. And this is not including the "traffic school" fees. Well, I shan't be blowing through that light ever again, eh? There goes my video game budget for the next 6 months, and no "present" for the Camaro's birthday either. I was going to get a new high-torque starter for it, but that will have to wait.

There are other significant developments in the offing, but I'm going to keep quiet on those for the moment. :)

I guess that's about it really. I have an assignment for this morning so off I go...


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