Friday, February 03, 2006

Biggest. Weekend. This Year.

That's my motorcycle helmet (well, one of them). It has the gold stripe down the center, too, but I couldn't get it into the picture and keep the logo big enough. So if you live in LA and you see a guy on a motorcycle with this on, that's me. :)

Wow, Super Bowl XL - extra large! Number 40! I can always tell what number the Super Bowl is, because it's the same as my age. Super Bowl I was in January 1966, the end of the 1965 season; I was born November 1965. Dude, I'm old. Nah, not really!

Anyway, it's gonna be a great game. I think the Steelers can win it, and I think they will win it. Sunday will be a great day indeed! I'm going to spend it with some Steeler fan friends and we will share the joy (or the pain, tho I doubt it) together.

And that will be it for my only serious sports season. I like hockey but I don't follow it religiously, and NASCAR's easy to keep track of even if I only watch it once a month.

Tomorrow will be a bit more sedate. Many errands to run, cleaning up and reorganizing my apartment somewhat, oil change for TGF's car, and other sundry odds and ends. I suppose I ought to start on drawing next week's comic, which I've already written. Hm that reminds me, should hit up the art store for a couple of new Rapidos (or maybe a set) and some Speedball nibs.

This week has been pretty mellow. Went up to TGF's last night for dinner and quality time, which was excellent. Today she is at Disneyland (LUCKY! grumble grumble) with friends, and won't be home until very late, so I'm going up to her place after work to take care of her dog and have leftovers from last night (Chinese) for dinner.

Boy, ain't life exciting? Well, I think it is, so :P

We had an art review yesterday, as we do every week, and wow, this game is really looking great. There has been so much advancement over the last two months, after quite a while where progress was slower because there was a lot of redesigning going on. Now that the layouts are all nailed down, things are just exploding with awesomeness. People are going to appreciate how rich the environments are, all sorts of little details which make the places seem real, lived in. There's a lot of great lighting going on which blows me away, that's really the touch that turns a good-looking model into a spectacular one. We really have some top-notch talented 3D artists here. This game visually will be an order of magnitude improvement over Fantastic Four - which is a really good-looking game! All this reminds me, lots of work to do, I have a character due on Monday which I'm just starting, so I'd better get to it.


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