Monday, February 06, 2006

Ah, Sweet Victory.

Yes, this is what I was looking forward to seeing:

Happy Cowhers come from Pennsylvania:

The Chin of Joy!! :D

Yes, there's a lot of controversy about the officiating team, and that should be addressed for the future. However, I think they still would have won even if the officiating was perfect. Seattle messed up at least 3 legitimate shots at the end zone because Hasselbeck's passes were off just enough that the receivers couldn't come down inbounds with the ball. That is the tiny difference that makes a quarterback legendary, putting the long bomb in the exact spot for a perfect strike and score. They couldn't score when they had the chance, and thus even though they played much better overall, they lost.

So now begins the long dark sports vacuum for me, which will only be partially assuaged by a bit of hockey here and some NASCAR there. No big deal really, I'm not a huge sports fan, only NFL Football. Actually I'm glad to have my Sundays and Monday nights back, I have a lot to do.

Must type fast as Blogger is going down for maintenance in 15 minutes... weekend was nice, spent most of it with TGF again, which is really how things are supposed to go when one has a GF, and it is a good thing. :) I hit up IKEA on Saturday for a new kitchen "table" (actually a kitchen cart that will serve well as a table in my small kitchen) and a couple of barstools for sitting on. So now I have a kitchen in which 2 people can actually have dinner, how about that? And I can eat breakfast there too. Also, much progress made in trying to rearrange the storage situation in my apartment - I have too much crap so it's time to purge. I want my place to look like an apartment, not a collector's warehouse.

Still don't have my registration back from the DMV. They are slow, bleh. I want to drive my car, dangit!

I thought I was going to Wumpskate for caricatures tonight, but it's next week, so I happily have a night off that I didn't expect. I will continue the storage purge and rearrangement, and get started drawing this week's comic too, I expect.

Right! Off we go...


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