Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More than one post per week, please.

No, nobody's written in to tell me that, I'm just reminding myself. I don't post enough so I need to do more. Now then...

I was able to defeat my crappy cold pretty quickly, thankfully. It never got to the "concrete-filled head" stage which I so feared; I will attribute that to massive doses of vitamin C and lots of chicken noodle soup, plus drinking lots of water and juice and going to bed early. One's immune system does better if one actually gives it what it needs!

So I survived last week, though I was in slow motion at work for most of it. I'm catching up this week. Over the weekend, a bunch of stuff happened. First I went to see Chronicles of Narnia with The Girlfriend, our first movie date actually, and it was most excellent, a good retelling of the story. The CGI was most, most impressive. Since LOTR the bar has been raised pretty far.

Then I went to the CAPS Annual Banquet, where we honored Jerry Robinson, who worked on Batman for a long time and was the creator of the Joker! I won one of the door prizes, an autographed copy of Batman Chronicles 1. I was able to talk with Jerry briefly and told him how I have the Johnny Quick Speed Formula written somewhere on every place I draw, which he found amusing. Also there to help honor Jerry were Joanne and Laura Siegel, wife and daughter of Jerry Siegel, one of the creators of Superman; apparently Jerry was instrumental in helping the Siegel and Schuster finally get credit for creating Superman after getting screwed by DC for 40 years. Now that's a good guy, right there.

From there I went back to TGF's place where she was having a little party and "stuff exchange," where people bring stuff they don't want and hopefully other people think it's cool and take some. Most of it was clothes. Even though I missed most of it, TGF and I went thru the clothes at the end and found a bunch of stuff for both of us. Yay for free clothes!

Sunday was the football playoffs. The Steelers won, happily, but they have to play the Colts this coming weekend, yikes.

I finally started working on art for the new comic, more about that in the Artblog.

Hmm, I guess I don't have a lot to add at this point, so I'm off. I'll put up a post later with a photo of me and Jerry Robinson.


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Okay, let me reiterate it then -- more than one post a week! I've gotta have something to eat up my 'free' time!


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