Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just Another Monkey

This is worth watching, if you have time. It's a "filmstrip" with audio, hey, just like grade school! It takes a while to download, so be patient. You'll understand me better if you watch it, because I pretty much agree with it completely. :)

Meanwhile, life goes on and is still good. My new webcomic is up, finally; there's more about it in the Artblog. It's only 3 weeks late, which is pretty good for me, considering what happened with MFH, and also how busy I am! I hope you like it as it unfolds... it will update every Thursday.

That's about as fast as I'll be able to do it, because I've got a lot going on in my life! At work, we've had a minor crunch this past week as it's the end of the month, and that means a "milestone" - a set of things and amount of progress that must be delivered by this Friday. Much like the construction business where I used to work, scheduled milestones are very very important; we're contractually obligated to get all these things done, and if we don't, there had better be a damn good reason, or we can be penalized financially. Some game developers have gone out of business because they kept blowing milestones on the only game they had in house, and the client eventually pulled the project. We will not do that, we're in great shape and this place is a really talented and professional house.

My work is at the front end of the workflow, so I don't usually have to worry about anything at the end of the month, and in fact right now I'm significantly ahead of where the guys downstream need me to be. Of course, there's always a few little things that crop up just before milestone and I've been dealing with a little sketch here and a change there this week. Producing a game (or any other entertainment) is always something of a moving target, there are always little ideas that crop up here and there, and things that have slipped past notice that suddenly we do notice, which need to get incorporated into the game, and that means sometimes going backwards a bit. For instance, we realized yesterday that a few of our character groups will need both indoor and outdoor clothing for different levels, so I've spent some time tackling that.

This weekend TGF and I are helping a friend of hers move to a new place, and since there's no football on Sunday we're probably going to see Underworld Evolution. Yes, I'm sure it will be bad, but I have a ridiculously high tolerance for bad movies, I can take them for what they are and still be entertained. TGF put out a call to her online friends with the headline "More closeups of Kate Beckinsale's vinyl-clad ass," (wow, see why I adore TGF?) which of course is one reason why I'm sure I'll enjoy the film regardless... ;)

OK it's lunchtime and I'm not eating. That must be remedied immediately!

(edited to fix misquote of TGF. she never says "buttocks.")


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the word I used was "ass."

Just sayin'.



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