Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jerry Robinson

I'd promised a while back to put up a pic of me with Jerry Robinson, creator of the Joker, so here it is:

I'm explaining to him how I have the Johnny Quick Speed Formula drawn or pasted onto all my computers and drawing boards, which I recite to hook me into the Speed Force so I can draw faster (thanks to Chris W. for that one). What? I just lost you? It's a comics thing, from The Flash. Jerry drew some Johnny Quick, see?

Huh? Oh yes, I'm wearing a jacket and tie. CAPS is a class outfit!

Here's a couple other pix from the CAPS Banquet:

The mighty Sergio Aragones (yes, that one) chats with the equally mightly Mell Lazarus, creator of "Momma."

More mightiness: Tone Rodriguez and Batton Lash.

It's Me Weekend, and as planned I'm spending it recording stuff. Details in the music blog. The Girlfriend is up at her parents's place for the weekend - hi, Mr. and Mrs. T!

Today, slept in a bit, laundry, some shopping, guitar stuff - happily, there's a small music store right up the block that I didn't know was open (it almost looks abandoned), so for some things I don't have to go up to Guitar Center or the other Sunset stores, yay!

I'll be tracking until late tonight. Working on comic tomorrow during football. Go Steelers!


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