Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In keeping with the last post...

Is this the first post this week? I don't remember... ah, yes I guess it is. There will in fact be a second post, even if I have to go to sleep an hour late sometime this week. It's hard to create a new habit of doing anything, especially when you are busy, busy, busy, and also somewhat short of sleep.

First, for your amusement, my old pals over at the Web Team serve you up some photographic whimsy.

Now then, to business. Since the last post, all significant events happened over the weekend, so Thursday and yesterday you can pretty much just edit out of your calculations. Not that these days were devoid of interest or events, just that they were mundane.

I spent just about the entire weekend, which happily included the Monday MLK Jr. Day holiday, with The Girlfriend, and it was really quite pleasant. Things really are going along extra well with us, which is a very happy thing indeed. She came over Friday night with the little dog and we commenced to record music, cook food, go shopping, take stuff to Goodwill, go out for dinner, go jogging, watch movies, watch the Steelers win (despite bad ref calls and some other weird game happenings. WHEW) and somewhere in there I think we caught an hour or two of sleep.

Hm, I guess I don't need to really go into much more detail than that, do I? We had a wonderful time and did lots of fun things. I've been told that's what couples are supposed to do, but my previous experience with such things hasn't usually borne out that supposition. It's good to know that previous experience is no predictor of future events! ;)

Back here at work for the short week, I'm working on some of the tail-end characters for The Game Which Cannot Be Named - we've got a neat system whereby we can put multiple "skins" on a single character body, which gives us a lot more variations on characters in the same memory space, and this week I'm doing several series of variations on specific male and female character types. Each game level is in a different environment, and of course you find different types of people in different places, so this is our way of not having you deal with 8 supposedly different people who all look pretty much the same. And so I draw all these different variants.

There's also going to be a period of "business development here" for the next few months, which means I'll be doing a lot of new work on game pitches - we've got a lot of ideas flying around for new games we could try to do, and they're all going to need concept art. This is gonna be fun!

I'm having some difficulty with the Camaro registration and insurance, which is rather annoying. I sent in the DMV renewal back in October with the required proof of insurance, but it was last year's policy, which was expiring in December. I had done that before but it wasn't a problem last time. In the meantime, my insurance broker failed to send me any notice of the insurance needing renewal, which I did notice, so I bypassed the broker and went straight to the insurance company, working out with them that henceforth I will do business with them directly, since this is not the first problem I've had with the broker, and I don't want to use them anymore. The insurance company is fine with that, and we set that in motion, and they said they'd send the new proof of insurance directly to the DMV electronically.

Of course, the DMV sent me back a notice saying my registration is incomplete, please send in proof of insurance! Also, I still haven't received a renewal invoice from the insurance company. So, the ball's being dropped all over. I'm going to send in the proof (a copy of my insurance card) to the DMV and find out why I haven't been billed.

Well, at least that right there is my biggest problem these days!

This week at home: more recording. Also, cleaning out the closet, purging useless crap and getting ready to eBay a bunch of stuff I don't need anymore. There's quite a lot of that, so I hope to make a good bit of cash auctioning it all off. Once I've got that all rolling I'll post a link to my eBay name so if for some weird reason you want something that I formerly owned, you can get some!

Back to work. Characters don't draw themselves...


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