Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday Trip

Well, so tonight I'm flying back to NJ. I'd planned on taking a cab straight to the airport from work, but I managed to forget a couple of important things that I need to take, so instead I have to leave a bit earlier and take the cab back to my place first. I have to take a cab because my lovely girlfriend stayed over last night and drove me to work in her car so as to set up the whole cab-to-the-airport thing (thanks bunches again hunny, :*)... but, I'm a dumbass so I have to do things the hard way.

My mind is not here at work, I'm just sort of staring at my screen getting nothing done. Actually there's nothing that I'm doing that's needed immediately, so this is all right. I'll just kinda plod along doing my thing and whatever I get done, I get done. Half the office is gone anyway. Yay for vacation!

I hadn't expected to get any, actually. Game companies are notoriously busy and most of us get very little time off, even if we have weeks of vacation time built up. It's just the nature of the business, we work hard and production usually requires us all to be here. Fortunately, things have gone well enough here that our bosses were able to give us the time off, and we're all quite grateful for it.

OK so I'll be updating here some through the week, including phonecam pix of whatever I'm up to. Hope you have a great holiday!


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